Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System



Made of aluminum

Fits K-style gutters and installs in a single step

Specially treated PVC

Can withstand up to 91 lbs/ft of pressure on its surface

Adds durability to the gutter


Questions & Answers

How does wind affect Alu-Rex products?


The surface of the product is flat, has a smooth finish and is vented both from the bottom and the top. Exposed to the sun, the debris on its surface quickly dry up and become lighter. Wind easily clears the dry leaves, a 10 km/h wind clears the wet leaves and an average 100 pine needles per one foot length and a 37 km/h wind clears an average one inch thick of pine needles per one foot length.


How do Alu-Rex products handle snow?


The Alu-Rex system does not create a source of heat that turns the snow into ice. It does not require roof shingle be lifted to be installed and therefore does not become a potential source of water infiltration. It lowers the weight of the snow sitting in the gutter during winter. It allows the water to flow to the downspout without debris when snow melts (as opposed to having a slushy mix of ice, snow and debris for ages until the water literally evaporates because it can't run to the downspout).


I have had my gutter system for a long time. Will Alu-Rex products still fit my gutters?


Yes, most likely. The Gutter Clean System is designed to fit virtually every type of gutter system.


Will it be a long and tedious process to install Alu-Rex products?


No. In most cases, Alu-Rex products are extremely easy to install. The required tools are limited to a ladder or scaffolding, tin snips, and a screw gun.


How can water enter the gutter? There are not enough holes and they’re too small.


Extensive research and development led to our exclusive Alu-Perf technology. The product has 489 perforations every 20 inches. This drains water at the same rate as a 2×3 downspout. Extensive testing proves that Alu-Rex products can drain up to 32.9 inches of rainwater per hour; the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded was 12 inches of water per hour (Holt, MO, 1947).


Will leaves and debris stick to Alu-Rex products?


Not in most cases. Alu-Rex products have smooth finish which allows removal of leaves and other debris by wind speeds that are normal in most areas.


Will Alu-Rex products rust?


No. Alu-Rex products are made of aluminium and will never rust.


My neighbour’s rain removal system is very noticeable and unsightly when looking at it. Is Alu-Rex products the same way?


No. Alu-Rex products are virtually invisible from the ground.


How can I be assured that Alu-Rex products will last?


Alu-Rex products have been tested in accredited labs and have been in service in Canada (under severe weather conditions) for nearly ten years.

 Alu-Rex products withstand heavy water flow?


Even when 100% of the holes are blocked, the system can still carry nearly twice as much water as the heaviest recorded rainstorm. The reason is that wet leaves are "sweating" which means some water still goes through the leaves and then down the holes. The water always finds its way through the holes, plus it has about one quarter of an inch of "guard" in case the water level would rise further before it finds its way through.



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