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Shakes & Scallops


Product Features
Integrated Panel Locking System  This patent-pending design locks panels firmly together for increased strength and structural integrity, as well as a more uniform finished look.


Optimal Installation Guides  Self-aligning nail slots and a temperature chart on the side tab help ensure that each panel is properly positioned for optimal expansion and contraction in all weather.


Self-Concealing Side Tabs  The self-concealing side tabs feature the same cedargrain detail as the panel to hide seams where panels are joined, creating a virtually seamless appearance.


Extended Panel Length  Approximately 40% longer than typical shake and scallop profiles, Harbor Pointe Single Select's 6'8" extended length achieves long, uninterrupted lines for a smoother finish.


Variety of Mold Patterns   An expanded variety of shake molds creates a random, natural-looking appearance just like actual cedar


Expertly Crafted
Designed with easy upkeep in mind, Harbor Point Single Select is virtually unaffected by exposure to summer heat, pounding rain or frigid cold temperatures.  And unlike wood, the heavy-duty polypropylene construction won't warp, rot, split, cut or twist, so there's no need for time-consuming maintenance.


Simple Upkeep
Maintaining your shakes and scallops will be a breeze.  Just a simple rinse with a garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt, keeping your home looking fresh and new.


Investing in Curb Appeal
Like many people, your home may be your most important investment, as well as a great source of pleasure and pride.  Harbor Pointe Single Select's easy upkeep and attractive appearance can enhance the curb appeal of your home while improving its overall value.


Easy Color-Match System
Our Color Clear Through® system makes it easy to find the perfect color match for your exterior design. This special collection of colors ensures that all Revere products - siding, soffit, fascia, trim, and rainware - will beautifully match throughout our vinyl, aluminum and steel product lines.



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