Eavestrough may be one of the most overlooked and undervalued features of our home (until, of course, it ceases to function effectively). While its impact on appearance is less dramatic than windows, siding or doors it is essential to extending the life of our home.


                       Available in a wide variety of colours, it never needs to be painted because the colour is baked right on. Standard seamless eavestrough is 5 inches in width.


                       In the past, the common method of installation was to insert spikes. This process did not allow for expansion and contraction (trough expands 1/4" per 12 ft. length) resulting in the loosening and dislodging of spikes. Today, eavestrough is attached by brackets and screws, eliminating this problem.


                      The placement and number of downspouts required varies from application to application, however, certain factors are taken into consideration. It is important to look at the slope or fall of the land as well as the areas into which the downspouts will drain (avoid walkways, basement windows and low lying areas etc.).


                      Eavestrough should be cleaned twice yearly (particularly when overhanging trees are a factor). An opportune time to scoop out leaves and debris is in the fall while putting up the Christmas lights. A thorough cleaning can be done in the spring when it is more practical and convenient to use water from the hose.


                         A cost effective alternative for homeowners in highly treed areas is to install leaf screens on the eavestrough. In our products section you will find a product called ALU_REX gutter clean system. We have found this product to be effective and economical.

Eavetrough Problems & Cures

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